Daniel Spottswood - Nix! - Books 1 and 2

So I have a totally built in bias here, cuz I work in a grocery store while longing for a full time design job, but this comic is absolutely incredible. The art and the stories themselves are both so damn good, I’m so glad I bought all five books. I think the greatest power of the journal comic is letting the reader feel l like they’re truly following someone’s life as if it’s almost a work of fiction, and Daniel definitely does that here. I’ve only read the first two books so far, but I feel emotionally invested in this random dude’s life, and I don’t even know why. Great, great stuff. An absolute bargain at $2 each. Can’t wait to read the other books. Daniel and I had a pretty long chat about journal comics at SPX, and I traded him a book of mine for a book of his, but I don’t think I’m even remotely in his league yet. This is seriously great stuff.

Miranda Harmon - Good Demons

Really cute minicomic given to me by a girl I awkwardly approached to give a copy of my journal comic.

James Kochalka -¬†Fancy Froglin’s Sexy Forest

Legitimately LOL’d a few times at this, which is truly rare. Kochalka is one of my biggest comic heroes: I can’t overestimate the important of American Elf to my life, but this side of his work is just as cool. The greatness of American Elf has always been how real it felt. This is totally the opposite of that but it’s repulsive and adorable at the same time and I’ve read it several times since buying it. I just love how James has such an cute drawing style, even when hes drawing shit like this. Good stuff.

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